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WORKSHOP: Developers.Institute x Gvahim - The secret to a winning Github

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Whether you are looking for your next position or just wanting to improve your developing skills, OpenSource project collaboration tools are critical for success.

In this workshop you'll learn to work as a "real" developer and understand how to collaborate with other developers using Git and Github. Afterwards, the 'commit', 'push' and 'conflict' will be no mystery!

In 2 hours, we will

Learning the Basics:

- Install git and create a first repository

- Introduce us to the use of file versions

- Understanding the branch system and introduce the notion of workflow

Once we've got the basics, we'll create a Github account, and start collaborating.

Come and find out how Git hub can help you use Open source, but also how the right profile will help impress recruiters and technical managers?

Finally, we will use the GitHub service to deploy your code !

In the program:

• Understand how to collaborate with other developers through git

• Learn about the Open-Source contribution on Github

• Host a static site on Github

To enjoy the experience while practicing coding, BRING YOUR LAPTOP FULLY CHARGED and install these apps before the workshop:

• Google Chrome (

• Sublime Text (

• Git ( (PC only)

• Create a GitHub account ( to save time!

This workshop is for all levels of coders and yes, beginner are welcome.

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About Tech Heights by Gvahim

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