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Debugging in Ruby: Talk/Workshop with Danielle Sucher

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Danielle Sucher, (of, ruby rogues episode 150 ( and burlington ruby ( fame) is going to lead a workshop on debugging. In her own words:

Software never works exactly the way we expect or intend it to, at least at first. Something inevitably goes wrong! And what then? We are here for problem-solving, and every weird little bug we get to try to fix is a puzzle, a mystery, a wonderment - and every bug we figure out and resolve lets us move on to bigger, more interesting problems that much sooner. We'll start with a short talk on how to take a systematic approach to debugging, then workshop our way through diagnosing a few puzzles together.

Bring a laptop and be ready to clone things from github. We will be in the conference room space, so it is going to be a wee bit tight. I hope you will join us.

Hopefully the discussion will continue at a local watering hole afterwards.

Pizza by Case Commons, Venue by Pivotal Labs