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TECH Talks Budapest #3 - Cleaner & Better Code

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I’m excited to invite all tech lovers to the next edition of TECH Talks Budapest, this time all about Writing Cleaner & Better Code! We will have special guest speakers from Slovakia and the Czech Republic, so this event will be held in English. As always, capacity and beer supply are limited, so please register in advance (it's free!):

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Presentations & Speakers
Gyorgy Varro (LumiNet)
10+ years expertise in the software industry with more than 100+ mobile projects through worldwide. Participated in development projects with US Navy, Facebook, Nintendo

TECH Talks Topic:
Doing clean code is always a good thing. Making a well structured and easily readable code is a win-win situation in every way. But how to discover a bad code? Maybe it is straightforward but is it even when you raise the question of how to write a clean code? This could be more challenging. In the last 10 years, I encountered thousands of code files in many different programming languages. Based on these experience made this presentation to give a quick overview of the topic!

Martin Pinter (Vacuumlabs)
My name is Martin Pinter, and I've been meddling with web development since my college times. That's also when I've met and joined the local 6-person software company, which has since grown into a 100+ people of Vacuumlabs. I’ve been making the web a more pleasant place with them ever since.

TECH Talks Topic: Debugging with the scientific method
Debugging is hard - this is of course known and rather obvious. Still, it is often approached on a mostly hunch-based basis. But we can do better - ideally, we want a system in which we can find our problem every time, and in a predictably finite manner. As it turns out that finding bugs in a large, unpredictable codebase tends to have a lot in common with looking for answers in a scientific research, we can borrow from the ideas and methods of that community to achieve just that. We'll also talk about making your code debuggable in the first place, and possibly about rubber ducks.

Vladimir Valouch (SAP Concur)
Vladmir Valouch is a seasoned software architect cracking (solving) the most exciting problems in the field of mobile computing industry. At SAP Concur he works out of the amazing AppPort, where he supervises an architecture of new functionalities as well as continual top-level improvements of older codebases.

During his time at SAP Concur, Vladimir has contributed to numerous internal libraries used by teams across two continents and provided countless code reviews. He provides advice and guidance to an array of engineers ranging from juniors to seniors. He is passionate about Android, Kotlin, C++, TensorFlow, OpenCV and machine learning.

TECH Talks Topic: Why and how to break large mobile app to smaller modules
There is always a way to a cleaner and better codebase and avoid sentences like “This new feature is very hard to add as we need to handle it here and there..." The referenced app used to contain classes with average size 4K+ lines, 300 unit+integration test, build time over 60minutes, very tightly coupled code and some git submodules. The presentation will take us through examples of how we can define new modules even in legacy systems, use the power of CI/CD to reduce the amount of routine work and increase stability. The second part describes the challenges of modularization, how we can mitigate them and make your project better.

Our dear friends from Bene Studio are partnering with us in spreading the word about this event. Check out their upcoming workshop: