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OCAndroid Main Meetup #66(all-level training4 coders+users,&more via cmts!)+

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M3BBXA: Audience: only members of OCAndroid ( and their guests who RSVP YES here; MKCUHA: for what OCAndroid & Android is, see our "About us.." on the left-hand column of every page. MFOITP: Recent & Upcoming Occurrences and Historic Changes, in order of start time: MFRHYB:Format: scheduled-YYYY.MM.DDDay: #(some topics) short-URL : M8261W: Volunteer to be a presenter (, or an official event host or other leader (! MJIHIB: by posting a top-level comment here saying so MJIHE7: and, if selected, get yourself in free! ( M0SMZZ: Starting[masked] (, Recurring-Agenda: recurring community meetup agenda M0TAGN ( -READ to know what we do & what to bring MKCRIT: our all-level at-your-own pace in-person training ( MKCD2E: subjects/tracks OCAndroid offers: M0TJPA:our successful & original Android ( programmer training M6YEC3: both in (native code=Java) ([masked]) and (in portable code, notably in PhoneGap ( M6YHZ7: hugely successful in both our 1st release for Java ( and our 1st release for PhoneGap ( MKCCWZ: our original Android user syllabus ( training MKCD7H: 1st created by leader Lucy ( adapting from her recent Laguna Woods Android class. M0TIDD: Activities: see instead parent section M0SMZZ. MFOJTD:[masked]Mon: #59(including BEST TABLETS,OUYA GAME CONSOLE,GOOGLE JOB) ( M825VG: Starting[masked] (,
Cost: just $5 per regular member & guest and $0 per official leader or pre-announced presenter, plus any food you buy unless someone is buying. MFOJDR:[masked]Mon: #60(NOVEL USES OF ANDROID, as TV entertainment center PC) ( MFMGD1:Starting[masked] ([masked]), repeats on the last Thu every month at the time range specified above. MFRHR2: From here ([masked]), will likely be changed to Mon or Tue. MFOIVV:[masked]Thu: #61(Android as a controller of other devices) ( MFOJ5Z:[masked]Thu: #62(canceled including for the holidays) ( MFMA8R: Starting[masked] ([masked]), VENUE MFMAI1: CONVENIENT: right by Irvine Valley College ( (between 5 & 405 freeways) and with plenty of adjacent free parking MFMAIW: features free wifi though it's sometimes flaky and/or overloaded, so still PLEASE BRING portable hotspots if you have some. MFMAZH: has no TVs nor projectors, so PLEASE BRING portable displays (as a LCD panel/TV and/or projection display+screen) if you have some. MFMAKD: COOL: typically features a spirited diverse smart crowd of mostly IVC ( students plus some UCI ( students. MFMAWE: offers a full selection of non-alcoholic drinks plus pastries, with several good restaurants next-door. MJIHZD: We'll likely be in the:
MFMDRL: patio room which is MJII8T: big MJII9B: not well-insulated so if cold outside, HAVE/BRING warm clothing. MJII1C: noisy if other patrons are also in the room. MJIIA8: so last done[masked]Thu: #64(Android auto-interfaces & custom ROMS) ( MJII41: inside & close to the bathroom. MFOJ7K:[masked]Thu: #63(including Android rooting & custom ROMs) ( MFOJ9I:[masked]Thu: #64(Android auto-interfaces & custom ROMS) ( MFRGJO:[masked]Thu: #65(including Linux-on-Android,Miles' Dynamic Forms,+cmt) ( MIYKGY:[masked]Thu~ #66(comments suggest topics!) ( MKC0VB: definitely our classic at-your-own-pace all-level training (, for programmers ([masked]) & for users ([masked]) MJGDV3:[masked]Thu~ #67(comments suggest topics!) ( MJGF5M:[masked]Thu~ #68(comments suggest topics!) ( : MHQ8ST: Want more folks attending, plus this & more great events totally suiting you?

Then MAKE IT HAPPEN! -click here (! MGEM3E: All info in this description applies to every occurrence unless noted. LG4OWH: What are these codes as “LG4OWH:” on this point? They’re short IDs to date-stamp, uniquely-reference, & portably-track most any point or item. MFMB3V: Event listing history, in order: MGEL2O: starting from listing creation, all authoring by I DestinyArchitect ( except if noted otherwise. MFRJYT: This listing is a copy of the prior listing & so on; so, for prior change/history entries here, see prior listings. MKE2N8: ...for prior listing history, see prior listing ( MJGF45: updated MIYKGY; +2 subsequent occurrences MJGDV3 & MJGF5M; MJGI51: due to 3+ members RSVPing YES to accidentally-continued listing ( OCAndroid Beginner-to-Intermediate Developers' Training (, moved up "M0TIDD: Activities" so they will see it's here; in particular, while still keeping MHQ8ST top, dropped "MFOITP: Recent & Upcoming Occurrences and Historic Changes" towards the end especially given these details as meeting topic, if significant, will be put into the meeting title. MJGO1A: "MHQ8ST: Want more folks attending".. entry moved to here ( MJGNJG: RE "M0TIDD: Activities", lots of improvements, including new sections.. entry moved to here ( MJGNY5: effective review-with-needed-improvements of ~90% of the event listing; pst[masked]Sun1330. MJGQT2: 1st use of links ..via "devices for accessing Meetup (" example; pst[masked]Sun1414. entry moved to here ( MJGUFL: several improvements, especially on "MFOLRC: Carpools!"; add 5 images; pst[masked]Sun1822. entry moved to here ( MJI3W5: I now see at "Mar 11, 2013 at 7:28 AM" Miles ( entry moved to here ( MJI78C: Reluctantly "MHQ8ST: Want more folks attending" move from item 1 to just before "MGEM3E" (near end) as this, while very important to every occurrence and what notably members are having trouble getting, is still generic indeed covering events all over so not the info the reader is 1st expecting. Also added pic from main article ( MJIBDZ: .. pst[masked]Mon1040. entry moved to under MKE4VN ( MJIH3R: M825VG: added "or pre-announced presenter", and RE related M8261W, move it up in the time line where it belongs & extend; added MJIHZD; misc improvements; pst[masked]Mon1317. MJIR6U: At Lucy ('s suggestion, added MJIQ8I,..moved entry to here ( MJIYIQ: .. pst[masked]Mon1853. moved entry to here ( MKC1J9: add MKC0VB; rename title fr(OCAndroid Main Meetup #66(comments suggest topics!)+); pst[masked]Wed1158. MKCT5A: moved content of "M0TIDD: Activities" to post of "M0SMZZ"; move text which was at new MKCUHA to "About us" per its pt MKCTYF; pst[masked]Wed2221. MKE4EG: move content of "MHQ8ST: Want more folks attending" & associated history out per here (; truncated history at MKE2N8; pst[masked]Thu1507. MKEC3T: adding links to the training as in MIYKGY; pst[masked]Thu1750. MKED5D: added Martin Martinez ( as an Event Host & remove Kathryn Free (; add edit note MKED8S; pst[masked]Thu1755; 1time delay time 15min (to[masked]) in order to save changes and as running late; pst[masked]Thu1758.