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Healing Meditation Meetup: Bring Out Your Inner Sun and Experience Joy In Life

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Bring out your inner sun and experience joy in your life!

Are there times, when you have difficulty experiencing joy? When everything seems to go wrong, or when you feel stuck and can't move forward?

Do you have hopes and dreams that seem to remain just that?

Does stress stop you from being the person you'd really like to be?

Many of us have lost or never found the true purpose of life: to find and experience joy.

This series of Healing Meditations will focus on different aspects of life that present a challenge to our finding our joy. Each Healing Meditation will access a different issue that needs to be addressed in order to become who we truly are. Angelic energy will accompany us on our journey to discovering our inner sun and bringing it out, transforming our life into one filled with love and joy.

Whatever your level of meditation, this group will provide a safe setting for you to let go and reach a state of total relaxation and healing. The meditation space offered is carefully harmonised so that each person can be and feel held during the process.

Viviane offers guided meditations to gently but deeply bring people into an altered brain wave state so that they may experience the healing benefits of meditation. The meet-ups take place on alternate weeks to allow for deep processing, self-development and healing.

Each meditation and healing meetup will be different, bringing a new awareness and deepening our healing each time.

Participants will experience crystal, angel, chakra, sound, breath and many other kinds of meditation, depending on the need of the moment. They will also learn how to ground themselves before and after meditation to ensure they are safely anchored during deep processes.

To offer ongoing development, there will be the option for participants to come on Living Harmony workshops to deepen the shifts experienced, though these are optional.

All are welcome to stay on for tea, biscuits and a chat!